Hi. My name is Stefan, but my friends call me Steve.

The first thing that comes to mind when I introduce myself is design. For me, design means so much more than stunning PowerPoint slides. For me, it’s not about buzzwords, colorful Post-Its, or fashionable turtlenecks, it’s about people. About how they interact with each other, how they work, and how together they make our world a little bit better every day.

This mindset has always motivated me to question complex issues in order to work on solutions that are more than high-reach marketing content, solutions that actually help. Collaborative, structured, no frills. Always with a dose of humor and self-irony. I rather feel comfortable in the mosh pit than at my desk. And yet it’s always fun to meet colleagues in the office, even if the VfB regularly tries to spoil my good mood. Actually, I had completely different plans.

I finished my master’s degree at Pforzheim University (MACD – Master in Creative Direction). Before that, I did my bachelor’s degree at the University of Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Interaction Design). After finishing my master’s degree, I originally wanted to develop further in the UX field, but I realized that something was still missing. Something that made me want to study design in the first place. That one little thing that makes us all get up every morning and makes us all love our job: Purpose.

And this Purpose, this will to attack and change things finally brought me to Diconium. Together we are now trying to shape the future with sustainable and innovative ideas. With the help of different tools & methods, I enable a successful scaling of all the things that will be necessary in a future digital world. And that is first and foremost humanity.

And maybe also a new buzzword or two.