Hi. My name is Stefan, but my friends call me Steve.


I am a design student, VfB Stuttgart fan, motorcycle enthusiast, a little nerd and a punk rock kid. Welcome to my creative space.

I recently finished my master’s degree at Pforzheim University (MACD – Master in Creative Direction). Before that I did my bachelor’s degree at the University of Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Interaction Design). I enjoy creating new and fresh solutions based on a user-centered design approach. To develop a unique and innovative solution to a problem is always satisfying. For me designing solutions that perfectly fit the needs of the users is more important than using fancy tools or cool buzzwords.

My home during the bachelor.

It is all about the process, a lot of prototyping and the ability to build empathy with the people you are designing for. In my spare time, I explore virtual worlds in video games, movies and comics or hit the road on my bike. I love to work and discuss with new people so if you interested or have a crazy idea, message me by clicking the contact button.

Cheerio, Stefan