This semester we have been working on the Multidisciplinary Project to find out how to design a service in a mobile space that comes autonomously to the user and is relevant in a world where digital communication channels are important.
The goal was to combine innovative technologies and user needs and to align them strategically.

We were supported by Charlotte Masur from dm-drogerie markt in cooperation with MHP – Porsche Consulting.

VIRTUAL TRACKS BY BUBBLETIC are autonomous vehicles which consist of (1) an autonomously drivable base and (2) an attached space in the form of a bubble or sphere.

The benefit is the possibility to combine sports and gaming in the space of the bubble. In the Bubble, the main focus is on two components, the treadmill and the 360° screen. The quintessence is in the gaming character of the screens, where the user automatically starts moving and therefore focuses less on the sports but more on the fun factor. The user can choose between different projection environments. For an even more exciting experience, the bubble functions with additions of temperature, light, sound and even smells. There is also the option of choosing one’s own avatar. A further function for motivation is the communication with friends. You can choose whether you like to do the training alone or in parallel with or against one or more friends, national and international. And to round off the experience perfectly, the Bubble provides a delicious and vitalizing smoothie at the end of your run.

Here’s how it works:

The Bubble is parked in front of your house, you enter the vehicle via an access code, dive into a world of your choice, start your run, don’t even notice through the gaming that you are really doing sports and how? through the 360° screen that takes you on a journey.

The UX Prototype by Stefan vom Bruck
  • m.a. in creative direction (HS Pforzheim)
  • 2. Semester, SoSe 2020
  • Multidisciplinary Design Project, lecturer: Charlotte Masur
  • Group Members: Michelle Morsume, Laura Göttl, Laura Heinz & Stefan vom Bruck

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