In the course “New Technologies, Materials & Processes, Sustainability” under the direction of Alex Werth, we dealt with the over-theme “Neo Ecology – Designers in the context of environmental and political awareness”. Here, the students dealt with freely chosen topics on (political) sustainability.

advertising campaign / infographics – Oliver Haller/ Stefan vom Bruck

“Potatoes gonna potate!” – Potatoes gonna rock! As Potaga, we are committed to the potato and would like to contribute to the image boost of this versatile tuber. Sustainable action and respectful handling of the products are very important to us. Sustainable action always includes a conscious and deep involvement with a product, a thing or in this case – an agricultural product. Only with the help of the knowledge that is created and disseminated can we bring about a change in thinking. For this reason, the basis of our advertising campaign is a kind of education in some important areas that affect the potato and, in the process, us as Potaga. The campaign consists of several parts – including lovingly designed infographics around the potato for flexible use on digital and analogue channels. As an ensemble, the contents of the advertising campaign communicate the exciting value chain of Potaga: from the exchange of knowledge to the handling of resources and the products.

Potaga: The Videogame – Stefan vom Bruck

As part of the advertising campaign, Potaga: The Video Game aims to draw attention to the problem of food waste in a playful way. The aim is to protect the potatoes that the retail trade throws away from the garbage cans. Two potatoes serve as controllers, which are controlled by a makey-makey module. Based on 8-bit classics, Potaga: The Video Game is designed to create awareness in a tongue-in-cheek way. It is an important part of the advertising campaign. Press Start to Play!

  • m.a. in creative direction (HS Pforzheim)
  • 2. Semester, SoSe 2020
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Neo-Ecology – The most important megatrend of our time
  • lecturer: Alex Werth
  • Group Members: Erik Fritsch, Lisa Wirth, Yvonne Deck, Oliver Haller & Stefan vom Bruck

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