Interplay – Unterstützendes Filmorganisationstool

“interplay” is a program that supports the planning and organization of moving image productions. The focus is on the use in smaller agencies. So far, there is no application that is specifically tailored for this use. Through our own experience and research, we have learned that the planning of film shoots is often very complex and complicated. Through an intelligent combination of keywords, “interplay” can help to keep the overview and avoid wrong planning. The links are created manually by simple key combinations during the first steps of shooting planning and run through the entire system. The entire system is modular, so that the user always has the required features at his disposal. For example, the location routing and the script can be edited and synchronized in parallel. Due to responsive design, designed for PCs, tablets and smartphones, the program can be accessed from anywhere. So it can also be mobile during the shoot to call up the shot list, for example, as the checklist during the shoot. In addition, the program facilitates communication and sharing of data by transmitting a web link. Depending on access rights, the customer can view, comment on or even modify the content via this link. The editing function is mainly used for working with freelancers.

  • Interaction Design 6. Semester, SoSe 2019 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Angewandte Gestaltung by Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker, Prof. Hans Krämer
  • Group members: Anna Zidak, Constantin Casper, Stefan vom Bruck

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